Clock Repair & Service

Cuckoo Clock Repair a Speciality

'All excellent and great quality workmanship my clock is as good as new'
S Smith, Edinburgh - Recent customer

A fast professional clock repair service. We can repair and service all kinds of clocks and timepieces. We're especially proud of our cuckoo clock repair service, for antique, modern and musical cuckoo clocks.

'Help My Clock Has Stopped' - 'My Clock is Over wound' - 'It Just Won't Tick Anymore' - 'Fix My Clock'

Please contact me first and tell me what is wrong with the clock. Most people say that their clock is 'over wound', as the reason for their clock no longer working. There is no such thing as an 'over wound clock', but this translates to a clock that is fully wound up and no longer working. A sign that the clock is perhaps worn and requires a service and repair. Photos of the inside of your clock will be helpful and we may be able to advise you without needing to see the clock, always happy to help.

Have Your Clock

Repaired and Serviced

Having your old clock restored is a simple process

No Fix No Fee Policy *

1. Contact me describing your clock together with the problems you are experiencing.
Photos are extremely helpful and can be emailed to me.
Take as many photos as you can and show the inside of the clock with the back off clearly showing the movement inside.

2. From what you send me I will be able to provide you with an estimate for repair. I do have fixed prices for modern Cuckoo Clocks, see the Cuckoo Clock Repair page for more details.

3. If you accept the quotation then either arrange with me to deliver the clock yourself or carefully pack your clock and send it to me via a tracked delivery service.

4. On receipt of the clock I will be able to provide you with a rough timescale for the repair and service.

5. The repairs, servicing and testing is then undertaken.

6. The clock is made ready for collection or delivery.

7. Payment is made including the return delivery costs via Pal Pal invoice or bank transfer.

* Return postage is not included. UPS Next Day delivery is usually £15.00

What Types of Clocks

Do We Repair and Service?

We can service a full range of clocks and timepieces including:

Modern Cuckoo Clocks

Antique Cuckoo Clocks

French Clocks

English Dial Fusee Clocks

Bracket Clocks

Mantel Clocks

Wall Clocks

Weight Driven Clocks

Stages of Service and Repair of Clock Movements

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