Cuckoo Clock Repair

Clock repair service in Crawley from just £60.00 plus return post.

having your Black Forest cuckoo clock fixed couldn't be easier.

Don't throw away that old family cuckoo clock just because it does not work. We can repair and service your old cuckoo clock restoring the movement and casing to its former glory. Modern, Musical and antique cuckoo clocks repaired.

After a period of twenty to thirty years depending upon how the clock has been maintained the movement becomes worn. The clock plate holes that the pivots rotate in should be perfectly circular and fit the pivots. Worn holes become oval causing the gears of the clock train to jam, stopping your clock. At the same time worn pivots become too small for their holes.

To remedy the problem the movement must be completely taken apart and cleaned. Pivots and pivot holes are inspected and the offending pivot holes are rebushed with brass bushes. This makes the movement potentially as good as new ready for the next generation to enjoy.

The following photos show the inside of a typical moden day cuckoo clock. Both are German movements, the first by Regula, and the second by Hubert Herr. Both companies have a full range of movements for different types of cuckoo clocks. One day, eight day, musical and quail types. I have shown these two examples which both have a simple music box attached to the movement, they are perhaps the most common one day movements on the market place today.

We can also restore and repair antique cuckoo clocks which is a more time consuming exercise so please contact me for an estimate.

Regula One Day Movement With Music Box
Hubert Herr One Day Movement With Music Box

During a service the clock movement is completely taken apart, every wheel and cog. It is then inspected for wear, repaired, cleaned, reassembled, lubricated and tested for up to a week on a test stand. During the testing period the reconditioned movement can be monitored for reliability and time keeping.

If your clock is musical the music box governor can be inspected for wear and possibly repaired. The number one reason a cuckoo music box fails is due to wear in the governor. New music box governors are expensive so I always try to repair the worn governor.

Cuckoo clock repair is a very time consuming exercise and requires the necessary skills obtained from years of repair experience. Cuckoo clocks can be very tricky to repair which is why you don't find many jewellers or clock repairers offering the service. Normally a clock will take a couple of days to repair plus the time allowed for testing and regulation.

Please contact me first and tell me what is wrong with the clock. Photos of the inside of your clock will be helpful and I may be able to advise you without you having to send the clock to me. Always happy to help

Once I receive your clock I will perform the necessary tests to provide you with an estimate of costs for the full repair of your clock. If you are not happy with the estimate for repair I simply return your clock via a next day trackable courier (UPS), subject to postage costs.

The costings for repair of cuckoo clocks are as follows:

  • Repair of the cuckoo clock movement inside the clock (Regula or Hubert Herr 1 day modern type) £60.00
  • Repair of the cuckoo clock movement inside the clock (Regula or Hubert Herr 8 day modern type) £75.00
  • Repair of the music box governor £25.00
  • Cleaning and repair of the case and bellows £25.00
  • Service and restoration of antique cuckoo clocks £ Ask For A Quote
  • Chain cleaning £10.00, have the chains restored to their shinny state
  • Return post via UPS Next Day £15.00

All payments can be made by PayPal.

The cost of any replacement parts is not included. Replacement parts are not costly and are usually only required if lost or badly damaged.

If your clock is not fixable (very rare) there is no fee I simply return your clock, subject to postage charge.

Once repaired I fully test your clock to ensure correct operation. I will also supply operating and set up instructions if you so wish. Please let me know if required.

Antique cuckoos also repaired please contact me first for rates as such clocks require a higher lever of attention.

Mail Order Repair of Cuckoo Clocks Service Available

Due to the very niche market of cuckoo clock repair we appreciate it is very difficult to find a local clock repair professional who can repair cuckoo clocks. Because of this we offer a full mail order service for cukoo clock repair covering the following major towns. You are naturally welcome to drop off your clock if you want to visit us.

Send your cuckoo cock well packaged, making sure the heavy weights are not free to move around inside the package thus damaging the delicate features of your clock. Use a fully tracked delivery service via your post office or use a courier company.